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13 Original Colonies

One of my favorite memories as a kid growing up on the Island in New York. Still has to be with my love and desire for the American colonial period.  

We lived about 15 to 20 minutes away from a historical site.  At the time, I didn’t even think, I realized it.   This home was a historic monument of a British sympathizer during the American Revolution.  They would have a small tour and my favorite thing, soldiers in British attire would parade around.

My friends and I would ride our bikes across a major highway in Suffolk County, N.Y., my parents never knew this. If they did my dad would probably be very angry but it’s cool they never reads my blogs

The small group of us would bike through the sandy beaches, we would rest the bikes on the ocean side fence.  This fence would lead into the cemetery, and parking lot. We would duck down, and roam through the tall grass, we figured no one ever saw us, but I’m pretty sure they did. 

As we roamed outside near the ice and store houses, soldiers would greet us by pretending to arrest us as Rebels.  It was fun, we always ran away and hid some more.  The soldiers would fire their muskets in the air, tying to scare us.  In fact most of the kids found it amusing, me on the other hand I just kept wondering how they got real muskets and red coats.

I would walk through the barns and storage houses, asking the woman in big colony dresses and bonnets all kinds of questions.  History still intrigues me. And it never seems to leave me.

My parents loved to vacation in Lake George, N.Y. and my day was definitely a history buff.  We visited Fort William Henry and Fort Ticonderoga.  I still recall one of those forts had the false teeth of George Washington. Those forts still leave me in awe when I think about them.  I plan to go back there one day, I’m older and would know a lot more.

Even when we visit my in-laws in N.Y., I visit any history site I can talk my wife into.  I’ve been to the Purple Heart Museum and Gettysburg, during those vacations.  I remember every detail told to me. Our guide at Gettysburg was very descriptive in his stories and he even showed up where the sniper fire hit brick walls. 

I really enjoy history, especially American history. Though I do enjoy some world history too but I prefer American for some reason. I guess because growing up that’s mostly what they told us. Also being in New York, I got to see a lot of the Colonial things up close. I do miss the history of New York. 

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