Strange Times

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Confused Mind

Did someone set the days to repeat? Why does yesterday feel like today, I think I already did today this week I keep thinking maybe Friday will surprise us, give me a new feeling.  Maybe ilke an adventure or or new experience.  

Something I miss about lunches with my friend Charlie at my old job. We would take our lunch breaks and go explore the shops, towns and sites.  My life has changed alot, since I left that job.  

Today Mark’s almost 3 months at my new job, a job that started in a very unforeseen time.  It’s been really difficult to get a true feel for this work, since half the work force is working from home.and were in a physical hardware support job.

They made wearing masks mandatory in our work facility and yesterday they made it mandatory in that county.  I’m kind of glad they did, I dont understand how something so easy to do, can be so difficult to understand.  Sure wearing a mask wont stop the virus but it will definitely slow down the spread.  Yet, people fight with the idea, its infringing on their rights.

I’ve been studying the American Revolution, and the prestages that actually lead to it.  I can fully understand the colonies wanting to fight for representation in their home lands, their honesty against taxes caused by a war Great Britain could not pay for.  I even understand the injustice of getting tried for smuggling in the colonies, back in London.  It wasn’t fair, and it took away their rights as colonists. 

Wearing a mask to prevent the spread of a deadly disease, how is that taking away our rights? If anything, its saving human life.  I tend to believe, that’s a good thing.  I just don’t understand people.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sitting here in the same spot.  The same thoughts, will migrate through my brain.  I’ll feel as though, I’ve already done this.  Every conversation and every debate, just a broken record, I can’t stop.

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