Let’s Talk About My Insanity

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What did you do this weekend? Well, let me tell you about the dumb thing I did.  I decided that I wanted my 120 Human  Alliance Paladin to become a 120 Dark Iron Paladin (don’t worry I’ll get the heritage armor from my other alt, Dark Iron monk).

So I took my Battlenet balance and did a race change.  I figured this would force me to get away from the human pally, Ethall that was my main in BFA. Oh, me and my amazing plans 

So what does it really do for me, you ask? Did it solve my altaholic issues or save my mental state? That’s a big fat, NO.  Not even close. In fact it started a freight train of thoughts and more ideas, that escalated like a deer on a chase.

I then restored a human paladin off my old spare account that I refused to use.  I moved him over to my active account.  A 84 level malehuman, who I don’t don’t even know how he got there.  I’m guessing some failed second account experiment, I had. He became Ethall version 2 and today is level 96 and I’m planning to bring him to 120.

What in the hell am I doing? Later that week, I restored another paladin, a 54 Horde Blood Elf female and moved her over too.  Really? I wish I knew what I was doing but I feel I now have a good story in mind for her.  I can already see her armor. customizations and her backstory in my head.

This is the insanity, me as an altaholic deals with daily.  The mental battle to delete, redo, re-create, appearance change, race change or transfer accounts.  This is a simple thing for someone who isn’t me.  Tell your mind and ideas they are wrong and you’re not doing it.  Welp, that’s not me.

So my credit card and Battlenet Balance are the real casualties here.  I was saving for Epic Shadowlands and instead I increased my army of the Holy Light.  Azeroth needs more holy paladins, right?

This is my mind, it’s the product of idea after idea.  These ideas ruin my plan to save and pay off credit cards.  I think I need to restrict myself.  I need to put a limit on what I can do and what I will spend.  

I make gaming so difficult with my ideas and plans.

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