Do You Believe In Personality Tests?

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Okay, I took another personality test  over the weekend. It rated me as Mediator Personality INFP-A/INFP-T. Which makes up 4% of our population, that’s pretty low, which in itself is scary.  We are definitely feelers which makes my job career difficult at times.

When a customer brings me a PC and says something isn’t working. I feel bad for them and I try my damn hardest to fix it because I can relate to their issue and I feel their frustration. It’s probably the best of both worlds, though at times I completely hate it because I turn everything into a major project. The simplest thing, I turn it into something it does not need to be. Other times it’s very beneficial because I’ll try my hardest to fix the issue fast and accurate, so it wont happen again..  

Here lies the root of my problem though, customer service doesn’t seem to flow well with my personality type.  It’s been a fight with me for a very long time, the lack of expressing and creating, makes me feel empty and unfulfilled.  I have a lot if different passions sometimes I don’t feel my reality let’s me fulfill. Maybe this is why I write, game, stream and read so much history books in my free time.

It’s really hard being middle aged and unsure of who you are and what your meant for.  I feel like I take escape in my video game persona’s because they are so far away from my mental conflicts. I get to be something else in a world that has no idea who I really am.

It’s telling to me,  when I take a personality test three different times in my life and I always get the same results.  I guess I’m an IFNP and that’s not going to change.  

Years ago, I recall during softball I was being ridiculed because I cared too much about other people’s feelings.  This made me a bad coach, they said..  “Stop worrying about how he is going to feel. He isn’t good, remove him from the lineup. We want to win.” I was told that so many times by various people,  my insides wanted to shatter.  I could not do that to anyone, I cared about.  It literally drove me to hating the entire experience.  Five years and every time, I think about it, I cringe in disgust. I just didn’t have the personality to survive that experience but yet I did.  I learned, I need to be passionate about something to be good at it.  I wasn’t good at softball or managing because I had no passion for the subject. Just the people involved in it and that’s why some of us are still great friends today.

I guess a test really isn’t going to show you who you are inside but it sure seems to come close.  Every time I take one,  I feel like their spot on.

Even when my old I.T. job made us do the Myers Briggs Test. Yes it was strange, my old manager wanted us to go to a personality seminar and listen to a former professor of his.  It was actually intriguing but I felt it had nothing to do with our job problems.  The test results told me the same thing, in more detail. I was an INFP and I loved learning lessons from history.  It was very freaking accurate.

Odd stuff for sure, but it definitely makes me think.  

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