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I’ve been thinking alot about a uploading some kind of content videos to YouTube.  My biggest gripe has been, I had no idea what kind of content to create.  I kept asking myself, the one simple question.  What am I passionate about? My family, games, writing and history, all good subjects. However my wife would say I talk more about this subject than anything.  Being an altaholic.  

According to

     “An “altoholic” is a player who enjoys their game so much, that they create multiple characters in the world to explore all different avenues of game play.”

That’s the simple definition. What they leave out is, the insanity that brews in the mind of a video gamer, who moves and breathes alts on every game. That’s me in a nutshell and I’ll be the first to tell you, I have a love hate relationship with it.  

I sometimes can’t accept the fact this is my gaming lifestyle.  I’ll go to Warcraft forums or reddit and plead for help.  Like I’m an addict begging for an intervention. Pleading with everyone who writes me their thoughts.  

Am I crazy? I would wonder to myself.  Then I’d let the thoughts of others divert my own desire and thoughts to play. It didn’t matter what game I played, I would end up with an army brigade of characters.  This would cause so much chaos in my head that I’d wanted to quit my favorite pastime, gaming.

I don’t hate alting and I don’t hate gaming.  My problem stems more from being indecisive.  Give me a choice and I’ll debate it upside down and inside out. The real result of trying to fix this mental debacle in my mind, is embracing what I am.

I’m a freaking gamer, I have been for a very long time and yes I’m an altoholic.  My gaming started young, back with Nintendo but my multi in game character personality, started after high school.  When I got into Ultima Online and there I realized I could make myself armor, weapons. I could also create new looks for my player characters that I controlled. 

It got worse for me, I think for two main reasons.  I’m a writer and I’m a collector. I was never the kid on the block with one G.I. Joe.  Nope. I had everyone I could find at the store.  They were all different and fun to use, this made it a blast to collect them.

Being a writer is the second issue, because I get ideas and those ideas need to turn into living visuals in 3D worlds.  Hence Ethall Peyton my latest Red Dead Redemption 2 Online character.  I started a novel, and I’m 7 chapters in. I needed to see Ethall alive in the old west.  So he was born and leveled because all good cowboys need stylish clothes and cool guns. It just wouldn’t make any  sense not to level him up.

Having a writer’s mindset usually means I’m going to create what I see in my head.  Even more so when I walk past a Guardian Twi’lek in Star Wars the Old Republic and think.  Oh she looks cool, now I see Keomi the Red Twi’lek with the snarky attitude who’s protecting the Republic at all cost because it’s her home.  That’s exactly what I mean every character is an idea and a story.  This could classify me as somewhat insane, I suppose.

I’ve just about had enough of the damn bashing though; within the gaming community over “being an altoholic.” I suppose I’m not helping the situation when I’m posting on The World of Warcraft forums about my desire for one character.  Though you always find those who are like. Why? Why do you need 50 characters? You know it’s not a need.or a necessity but rather a want.  I want them and I want 40 more.  

So my friends laugh and joke but you know it is actually funny even to me.  They bring up true points and I don’t get mad like I used too.   I look at it and go, yes I’ll make 10 more characters in Elder Scrolls Online and keep my WoW sub with 46 characters going. Why the heck not? 

Sometimes the gaming community will jump all over us and tell us we have issues because we play so many alt characters  and we’re indecisive about it and this is ruining our end game. We don’t always accept our play style. We fight it like gladiators entertaining the audience.  

Let’s face it not every damn idea we come up with will lead to staying power.  Deleting can’t be an option though, for an indecisive person like me. Years before Blizzard added the “un-delete” feature to Warcraft. I decided to cut down my characters.  This didn’t work out too well.  I wrote them and begged for a 40 character restore. 

Now what I didn’t mention was I did this a lot after changing my mind so many times.  The end result, let’s just say, it’s possible Blizzard had a picture of me and my gamer handle Kayber76 above their wall of denial.  It’s been a pretty amusing story among my friendship group.  It’s hard not to laugh at myself for that one, I mean come on we do learn from our mistakes.

Here I am 25 years plus into my second career as a gamer.  I call it a career because I play it like a job, with spreadsheets and lots of dedicated time.  What I’ve learned through this confusion that I have  given myself has been simple.  Accept it, embrace it and love it.  Don’t change who you are because the thoughts you create in your own head convince you,  you’re wrong.  No dude, you are not wrong.  You are you and that’s it plain and simple.

Are you an altaholic? What are some of your favorite characters from your online games?

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