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So I finally got to visit the new Disney Galaxy Edge park at Disney World.  I was very impressed and I felt like I was 8 years old. Running around taking pictures of all the cool Star Wars things. My wife was cool enough to book meat Savi’s Workshop so I could build a lightsaber. We can talk about that a bit later. We walked around the market and saw some First Order Troopers. We got extremely lucky the Millennium Falcon ride it was only a 40 minute wait.  So we jumped on the line to go to check it out. It felt like I was actually flying the Falcon, I love turning the ship and trying to dodge stuff. Just freaking cool! The cockpit felt real, seeing all the things your flying around.

So first off let’s talk about the marketplace. It almost felt like you were in the markets of Tantooine. The only thing missing was some trading Jawas. Each employee was perfect to their part. Referring to my license as “You identification card” or my purchases in credits “That will be 199.99 credits, sir”. The design was just awesome, walking through the market businesses, they had plenty of furry toys for the kids and some really cool collectible type things.

I did something I wanted to do from the moment I heard about this place was opening. I paid $200 dollars and created a lightsaber. My wife took a video of this experience but she cut it up into like 10 parts to send it to me and I”m trying to fix it. I personally believe it’s worth the money to take part in the experience. You get to pick from a 5 sets of boxed parts, each set refers to some one’s style of saber, defense, offensive, etc. You can mix and match those parts, there are about 5 of each. I took the guardian type of style and my lightsaber ended up having a lot of gold trim and could pass for a temple guard type of style. I loved the way it came out but I ended up taking the red kyber crystal. I took red because an employee told us that there was no red in the store because of people trying to find the black crystal (which is really just red and packed at the time in red). They took all the red from the shelves of the Legacy store. So the only way to get it was to request it from Savi’s Workshop before you start.. So I bought every other color crystal from the store and changed them out later. Its awesome I can have my lightsaber any color I wanted. The red actually looked amazing. My wife took a picture and I felt like it was a rockstar album cover. 

Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy Edge is amazing! I just love it, I can’t wait till they build upon it and there is just so much more. I know they have a new ride they just opened that involves the First Order and the Resistance but rumor is, it’s impossible to get on. I love the look and feel, the food is authentic and the drinks feel real. I almost lost my mind in the Legacy Lightsaber store, there is so much in there to look at and want to buy. I had to fight my mental credit card bills because it would have been horrible if I walked out with 12 lightsabers.

Savi's Workshop Lightsaber

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