The Truth of Imagination

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

One of the reasons I really like video games is the ability to create myself in a world I cant truly live in.  We have Kayber alive and breathing in many different forms in video game land.

Kayber Koerta alive in 1897 as a classy dresser and want to be lawman in Red Dead Redemption 2.  Kayber the human Paladin who fights with the Holy Light in the World of Warcraft. The duel wielding blue glowing lightsaber carrying Kayber Koerta who will die to protect the Republic in Star Wars The Old Republic as a Jedi Sentinel..  The U.S. government was destroyed and Kayber and his friends are there helping citizens as Agents in the Division 2.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Kayber the Nightblade who wields two swift weapons and a fiery bow in Elderscrolls Online.  Kayber Koerta, the average Joe driving a stolen car and committing crimes to build up his empire, in Grand Theft Auto 5.  Kayber the Ghost nomad agent who blazes in as an assault trooper in Ghost Recon BreakPoint. Kayber, a General Manager in an Out of The Park baseball league, Kayber is rebuilding his beloved Mets.  Who knows what’s next for Kayber.  Or Kayber the new Quarterback for the Dolphins in Madden 20.

Ghost Recon Break Point

Video games give you that outlet to create the person in a world that isn’t reality. This though creates the ever living question, are you using video games to escape? To answer that bluntly. I am. 

I’ve always dreamed of myself as a Jedi, a medieval warrior, an FBI agent, a baseball player, rockstar, a patriot, a cowboy and the list doesn’t stop there. This isn’t my reality, I’m an IT professional in a 9 to 5 job.  So why can’t I escape? I like my real life but I’m always creating, always dreaming of imaginary places.

I find that my mind goes 100 miles per minute and when I game it goes so much slower.  My attention tends to be in the world around me and I’m escaping those every day thoughts.  I’m not ignoring them or making my life the video game but rather I’m living another life that evening.  Something that’s a little less stressful and I play by my rules.

World of Warcraft

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