STO Review (Star Trek Online)

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Star Trek Online
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This was a game with a fan base loyal, dedicated and top notch. Yet they have never been able to really build upon something so great. The game itself has potential; it always has but it just doesn’t seem to lift off for players.

The space combat is pretty good, though the feature tends to seem static at times. It does remind me of the good old days in Star Wars Galaxies. Where you could basically control your ship, your crew and do things in open space. It’s nice to have features that allow you to Go Where No Man Has Gone Before. Space is very open and you have the ability to jump anywhere to any system. After awhile though in my opinion, the systems start to look the same.

I love having a crew. I have 5 crew members that are all different species. You can fully customize them, their names, their uniforms, and very deep into their looks. Its kind of annoying though that I have 5 crew members and 6 Personal Captains. My Klingon Garkun has to be security and Engineer. Duel jobs for a true fighter. I think the game might have screw up there since you have 6 stations to fill.

STO has this other feature which is a lot like companion missings in WoW and SWTOR. Its called Duty Officers and you send them on missions on and offline in the game. They can get XP and special items. Its an okay system but that brings up the fact their interface looks like a 1990’s arcade game. It’s very bland with an arcade style type look.

All in all Star Trek Online has a lot of depth. There is plenty to customize, its one of the best I’ve seen. You can really dig deep into your character’s look with so many options for uniforms, faces, noses, hair and more.

The ground game at first is pretty fun, you choose from your crew who you would like to beam down with you. Once you do it a few dozen times, the missions start to seem pretty repetitive. The planets look a lot a like and feel very dead. This of course is in the early stages, since I’m only level 25, there might be more to see as you progress further.

I have to say though to wrap this up, I tend to really enjoy STO. I’m not a big Trek fan but for an MMO, it’s pretty enjoyable.

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