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Mag'har Orcs
Mag’Har – Ikkar “The Hunter”

I was pretty determined to unlock the Mag’har orc especially as a fan of the Frostwolf Clan leader Durotan. He stood for honor a new means of life for the Orcs, of course I enjoyed the story of his culture. To have the ability to create one of these true, historical orcs was just awesome.

So after a long debate on what to make, I came up with my Durotan lookalike hunter Ikkar. As I started to level him he slowly became one of my favorite alts. I just like the way they made the upright orcs look, good job Blizzard. My only complaint is I feel they kind of walk funny, they trot quite a bit as they walk. The customization’s look amazing, you can pretty much make any Orc clan you want out of you Mag’har.

I have never really played any other kind of hunter then Marksmanship Hunter. I have always envisioned my hunters with a bow or a gun. Though the idea of going survival does kind of intrigue me. Since I have about 4 hunters I guess I could give it a try. Yeah I do have somewhat of an alt problem, no doubts there!

I enjoy hitting dungeon after dungeon with friends as I level. I’ve never been much of a questing person. I hate reading the stories and I know that’s the best part for a guy like me who actually likes lore. I blame Star Wars the Old Republic for this, they spoiled me with their movie like quests. Now I just want to run through all my quests and power level until I hit the end.

I would definitely suggest unlocking the Mag’har Orcs. They look amazing and they feel like a true Orc in the World of Warcraft.

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