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SWTOR - Ethall Moonwalker

SWTOR has always been my a hidden treasure to me. One of those games that I can’t seem to walk away. I love Star Wars in general and this is the closest as of right now that I can come to living in that galaxy.  

I use to be Kayber Koerta Jedi Sentinel but I got tired of the combat and animation for dual wielding jedi. So I changed to Ethall Moonwalker Jedi Guardian. His one lightsaber looks way better in animation fights and cut scenes. I have pretty much mained Guardian and Juggernaut now. My Sith is my main on the Imperial side and Ethall is my main on the Republic side.

Very excited about the future of Star Wars as a franchise. We have the Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, Galaxy’s Edge Disney and now the possibility of the KOTOR franchise making it to the movies or streaming. Last Jedi might have split the fanbase but you can’t argue about the fact right now; is a good time to be a Star Wars fan. Can you imagine seeing Revan on the big screen?

Plus we go the announcement Onslaught, the SWTOR 2019 Expansion. Something brand new with a species I’ve been dying to play since launch. My favorite species ever (Long Live Kit Fisto). Nautolan is finally coming to SWTOR, years we have been waiting. New story, new flash point, new species better gearing. Finally bringing back the group feel and getting the game going in the right direction. Such good things coming.

Now if I could only buy that FX light-saber I want.

SWTOR- Fight Scene

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