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When they added Allied Races to the World of Warcraft, I was quite excited to play something new and fresh. However I’ve had this on going battle with duplicate classes. I already have 12 classes on the Horde and 12 on the Alliance. Though I enjoy leveling at times, I also hate it. Sometimes, it just gets boring doing the same thing, over and over again.

This is the reason why Heritage Armor was introduced. An incentive for players to level up again and have those dupe classes. This is pretty inspiring to those who like to collect items; such as myself. I will probably level up every new race they add because I like collecting stuff I will probably never use.

It’s a constant fight mentally to try to level so many times but I know me and I know I will do it. I just need to teach myself how to have patients. As the great Master Yoda once said, “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE”. I struggle with that because I want everything solved and completed right now. I have tried to tell myself it’s okay to wait thing out, level slowly move characters around but take your time. That’s the hardest part.

I’ll mentally debate the alts for days, which turns into years and then I will write a long post on Reddit or the WoW forums. People will then either agree or fight we me about deleting; which I hate to say they are probably right. Don’t delete any alt, its not worth it. Unless you have 50 and need server room for more. When I make an alt I want it maxed and geared as soon as possible and that takes from my main or other goals I give myself.

Levering will eventually be more fun. I really do enjoy some of the older areas. If someone asked me if there is was one place I love in game, then I would have say it’s, Duskwood. The dark feel of the town always reminds me of Castlevania. II love the Worgen lore they toss in there as you do the different quests. Lets not forget Jitters, he is out of control and the poor guy gets treated like trash.

Every alt I’ve made, gets run through Duskwood, I’m always inclined to pick it because of its atmosphere. Patchwork is another fun NPC to mess around with. I recall when he use to roam the streets of Duskwood and terrorize the paths into town. You would have to try to avoid him by walking around him carefully or through the forests. I died so many times walking into town back in vanilla. Now he just sets the town on fire and stands there as you have to defeat him. It’s still fun to watch and participate in.

Duskwood for some reason always draws me in, it’s that one dark city with the creepy background music that just seems intriguing. I’m sure one day I’ll get sick of it and I’ll need to find a new favorite World of Warcraft town but until then that’s where my leveling alts are going.

I guess I can officially say I’m an altoholic. I play both factions and I’ll just keep making more. So even being a person to runs around with 40+ alts I still find the time to gear out my main. It’s always going to be a love hate thing with me and alts. Some days I totally enjoy it and other days I want to cut down everyone with a quick confirmation to delete. Done it so many times and It’s just resulted in a restore.

So if there a moral to this rant, which there is truly not. I would say stick what what you enjoy no matter what anyone else things and try to remember it’s just a game. No one’s life is going to change if you have 40 alts or 2. The end result will still be the same.

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