Blizzard Diablo 3 Event

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Classic Diablo 1


So Diablo 3 gave us a Diablo 1 event this month. I have never played Diablo 1. So this was the first time, I really got to experience the ending dungeon. Sixteen full levels of the old twelve color, pixelated dungeon. Yes, they made it look just as it did back then and thought it annoyed my friend. I personally really liked it.

I could actually see the outline of my character as if she was back in D1. Sure it was a little rough to see the detail that we now have in D3 but it was still very cool. Diablo 3 is such a fun game, it’s so simple and it’s just non-stop clicking. Watching things just drop as you collect all the loot, that’s the best part. It’s so simple to just run around hacking things,with my new mouse I don’t even have to use the keyboard. However if you want a game that involves mental thinking, don’t play Diablo 3.

Diablo 3

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